Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal

Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal

Everything You Need To Know About Semen Analysis

At Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal, enabling male fertility after a vasectomy is our medical specialty. One of the services available at Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal is semen analysis. This is a necessary step for men who have had a vasectomy reversal procedure in order to restore their fertility after a having had a vasectomy. Although semen analysis values do not necessarily determine the chances of conception (as this is a couple's issue with many variables), semen analysis can tell the vasectomy reversal doctor a great deal about the results of a vasectomy reversal.

What It Measures

After the patient has completed his vasectomy reversal recovery, the doctor at Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal will order a semen analysis in order to measure and quantify a number of things. A normal semen analysis really consists of multiple tests, and covers the following:

  • Volume: the amount of semen present in an ejaculation.
  • Liquefaction Time: how long it takes sperm to change from a gelatinous state to a liquid one following ejaculation.
  • Sperm Count: the number of individual sperm in one ejaculation.
  • Morphology: the percentage of normal sperm.
  • Motility: the percentage of sperm that swim in a forward direction.
  • pH Level: semen analysis values in terms of acidity or alkalinity
  • White Blood Cells: the presence of these in an otherwise normal semen analysis could be cause for concern
  • Fructose level: these semen analysis values indicate sperm energy levels.

Afterwards, the vasectomy reversal doctor will share the interpretation of semen analysis results and discuss them with the patient. Normal values for semen analysis indicate that the vasectomy reversal has been a success.

How Reliable Are The Results?

While no known test can predict fertility with absolute 100% accuracy, external semen analysis control is an important aspect of the tests. At Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal, this is accomplished by having identical samples analyzed by multiple labs, then compared. Such controls result in an extremely high rate of accuracy of well above 99%.

In order for a sperm analysis to be as accurate as possible, it is important that the patient follow the instructions of Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal's vasectomy reversal doctor as closely as possible. The patient may be asked to refrain from all sexual activity for a period of time, and avoid eating certain foods or taking certain drugs and/or medications.

About Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal

Baltimore Vasectomy Reversal is among the top male fertility clinics in the nation. Our practice provides the full range of services from consultation to final sperm analysis; prospective patients can learn more my visiting the clinic's website at

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